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Parish Staff

​​​​​​​​​Fr. Liborio Amaral 

Fr. LiborioPastor​​​

Fr. Liborio was born in 1963 at San Miguel, Azores, Portugal (i.e. San Miguel is the largest of 9 islands in the mid-Atlantic ocean). In the winter of 1969 he immigrated to Canada with his parents and two sisters. After a few months in Toronto, the Amaral family moved to Brampton where they have lived ever since. Fr. Liborio’s parents, Joe and Maria da Gloria, have been members of St. Mary’s parish since arriving in Brampton (i.e. his father Joe, was the custodian of St. John Fishers for many years before retiring). Fr. Liborio has two sisters and a younger brother; his two sisters are Catholic school teachers and his brother is ​catholic school superintendent – all work in the area. Fr. Liborio attended Sheridan College for two years (i.e. Architectural Drafting diploma). He then attended York University for three years (BA in Religious studies). After years of discernment, Fr. Liborio entered St. Augustine’s seminary, in Scarborough, in 1987. He was ordained to the Priesthood in 1992. Fr. Liborio’s first placement was St. Peter’s church in Woodbridge as an associate (1992 – 1995). He then moved to S. Salvador do Mundo/ Cristo Rei in Mississauga as an Associate (1995 – 1998). Fr. Liborio was named pastor of St. Elizabeth Seton in Newmarket and remained there till 2004. In 2004 Cardinal Ambrozic asked Fr. Liborio to enter the ministry of Vocation work. Fr. Liborio remained the Archdiocesan Vocations director till July of 2009. He was given a six month sabbatical (i.e. attended a three month program in Rome) and was named pastor of St. Mary’s parish in January of 2010. He is very happy to be pastor of his home parish – his parents are now his parishioners and live near by. An added blessing is the presence of his Uncle and Godfather, Fr. Liborio Tavares, who lives at St. Mary’s senior's residence next door.

Fr.  Patrick Ezimora

Associate Pastor​​​

Fr. Patrick

My name is Rev. Fr. Patrick Chidiebere Ezimora CCE. My native country is Nigeria. “CHIDIEBERE” means God (CHI) is (DI) merciful (EBERE). “CCE” stands for ‘Congregation of Christ the Emmanuel’. I shall briefly expose my CV in three points: firstly, my background and education; secondly, the history of my priestly calling in Nigeria and my missionary activity in Italy and beyond, and finally, my current missionary Apostolate in Canada.


Penultimate among five children, I was born at Ucheoma Hospital in the city of Aba, in Southern Nigeria, on December 17, 1982 (the second day of Christmas novena :)). After completing the basic education in Nigeria (in 2001), I carried on with my tertiary level of education at the Bigard Memorial seminary Enugu (Nigeria) from 2002 to 2004. During the second year of my formation in Philosophy (2004), I was transferred to Rome. There I completed my Bachelors Studies in Philosophy and Theology (2005 and 2008 respectively) at the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum. As grace planned it, I was asked by the Founder and Religious Superior of the CCE, Rev. Fr. (Prof.) John O. Egbulefu CCE, to proceed to the Licentiate in the same Athenaeum, with a Specialization in Christology (Systematic Theology). Immediately after, I was given the privilege to continue up to the Doctorate. Both degrees were successfully completed in 2010 and in 2014, respectively. 


The history of my priestly calling started off rather early, as in the case of the Prophet Jeremiah, to whom the word of Yahweh was thus addressed, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; before you came to birth I consecrated you; I appointed you as prophet to the nations” (Jer 1:5). On the one hand, there is absolutely no doubts, whatsoever, that, the invisible foundation of my divine vocation to the priesthood was laid in the religious piety and activity of my parents. That I must always and everywhere admit! Daily Mass (mostly at 6am) and prayers (to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to whom my family is consecrated) was, still is, and shall remain, indispensable and inevitable! On the other hand, the visible foundation matured gradually through my attachment to the ‘Sacred’, whereby I was nurtured at the elementary and high schools by Nuns; rendering zealous services as altar server in the Cathedral, while also taking active part in some pious associations within the parish, for instance, ‘the Legion of Mary’ and ‘Block Rosary Crusade’. All these external manifestations were like smoke which indicated the presence of some latent fire. However, I was not just been attracted by the Lord. It is was not a unilateral movement at all! I realised that I was also very fond of Him. This is why I joined the CCE as early as twelve and half years old. To wrap it up, it has taken since then, some sixteen years, for that latent fire to become patent in my priestly consecration. With regard to the missionary activity so far exercised, I have, in the course of my Novitiate program (that is, during my preparation for the first Religious vows which would promote me to a professed member of the CCE), rendered pastoral services to some parishes in Osaa-Oke and Amuzu (2002) within the diocese of Aba. And, after my first year of Philosophy, I did six weeks of Pastoral Work as a senior seminarian in the Diocese of Nnewi (2003). Furthermore, in the years following my priestly ordination in 2011, I delivered Easter, Summer and Christmas pastoral services within Italy and beyond: Santa Maria Assunta Parish, in San Benedetto dei Marsi, Avezzano, Italy (Easter 2012); Liebfrauen Kirche in Hennef Warth, Archdiocese of Köln (Germany: July/August 2012; July/August 2014); Santa Maria delle Grazie Parish, Pescina, in Abruzzo, Italy (Christmas 2012); Sankt Clemens Kirche Solingen, Archdiocese of Köln (Germany: July/August 2013); Santa Maria Assunta Parish, Trentinara, in Vallo della Lucania (Easter 2013); Santa Maria delle Grazie Parish, Pescina, in Abruzzo, Italy (Christmas 2013); Santi Pietro e Paolo Parish, Caselnuovo- Scrivia, in Alessandria, Italy (Easter 2014); Santa Maria delle Grazie Parish, Pescina, in Abruzzo, Italy (Christmas 2014); Santa Maria della Luce Parish, Mattinata, in Foggia, Italy (Easter 2015); San Lorenzo Parish, Gorla Minore, Archdiocese of Milan (Christmas 2015); Santa Maria Assunta Parish, Trentinara, in Vallo della Lucania (Christmas 2016); San Lorenzo Parish, Gorla Minore, Archdiocese of Milan (Easter 2017); Sankt Martins Katholisce Pfarrei in Arbon, Diocese of Basel (Switzerland: July 2017); and finally, San Nicola di Bari, Prignano, in Vallo della Lucania (Christmas 2017). Of sizeable significance, is the pastoral service which I was privileged to supply to the universal Church in the Sistine Chapel within the Vatican City. I served there as Chaplain, attending to the spiritual needs of pilgrims and tourists, from Spring 2015 to Winter of 2018.


After thirteen years of study and work in Rome and within Europe, I have, since mid-January 2018, been transferred by the Founder and Religious Superior of my Religious Community to the Archdiocese of Toronto. The scope is to render a more stable and profound pastoral assistance to the people of God. And, as ‘luck’ will have it, I was welcomed by the Canadian winter-storm! And, when April showers finally arrived and I thought winter was over, the ice-rain said to me: “Hey JJC, you’re now in Canada! Didn’t they inform you that we’ve only two season in here: winter and July?” “Oh my..”, I said, “Rome where are you?” I am so happy to be assisting your fun-loving, profoundly good, pastorally attentive and popular pastor, Rev. Liborio. Over and above that, I am convinced that, it is nothing but a privilege to live and work in a cosmopolitan, multicultural and pluri-linguistic country like Canada. I believe we have a lot to share and enjoy together.

I therefore look forward to cooperating with your pastor, in service to God and to each and everyone of you, for our own collective and individual holiness and salvation.

Thus says the Lord: “You are the salt of the earth. But if salt loses its taste, what can make it salty again?” (Matt 5:13); and “You are the light for the world. A city built on a hill-top cannot be hidden” (Matt 5:14).

God bless you all!

Yours brother in Christ the Lord,

Fr. Patrick C. Ezimora CCE

​​Our Deacons 

Deacon​​ Franciscus Sukardi                                                                                                       Deacon​​ Doug AsselstineDeacon Franciscus

Deacon John

​Liz Rybka

Lay Pastoral Assistant

Liz Rybka

​​​Administrative Staff

Olga Calderon - Office Administrator
Jazmin Oliveira - Bookeeper