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Posted : Feb-01-2021

Buy Local & support our CWL Store. 

The CWL is continuing to present items available for sale to help support our various charities. You will notice a number of truly
one-of-a-kind crafted items including St. Valentine’s Day table coverings, wall hangings, and even mug rugs. What is a mug rug you
ask? It is a cross between a coaster and a placemat. Perfect to put your mug of hot chocolate on as well as a little treat to ‘go with’
and keep your office work space or end table clean. Fully washable!
Please visit the link to see the many new sewn items as well as some warm winter knits! If you are interested in purchasing
something you see, connect with Fran Caldwell at 905-867-7595 or Click HERE to see inventory.