The Mass

The Mass

Posted : Dec-23-2022

Dear sisters and brothers in the Lord,

Merry Christmas!

May the Christ Child give to you all of the gifts you require to enter Heaven one day!

The last couple of weeks I have been sharing with you my intention to  introduce a series of Sermons which will  focus on the Eucharist. During this series of Sermons, I hope to speak to the importance of “WHAT” and “WHY” we celebrate the Sunday Eucharist.

Please keep praying for me as I prepare for these Sermons that I can hear the Holy Spirit and what He asks of me to preach to you all.

We have many Catholics who have stopped attending Sunday Mass on a         regular bases, because they have forgotten (or sadly, never learned) the gift that the Eucharist is to us and the World. If you have family members who have stopped going to mass on a regular basis, you might want to let them know about this series of Sermons I will be introducing in mid-January. Invite them to join us at the Eucharistic Sacrifice of our Lord  for those weeks, so that they may come to know the beauty and importance of the Eucharist. If you are parents or grandparents of children who have stopped going to mass, you might want to tell them that your gift for Christmas from them, would be that they come to mass and participate in these series of Sermons I will be         presenting. Just a thought for you to consider.


Fr. Liborio