youth moving tables

St. Mary's Youth Volunteering Program

The St. Mary’s Youth Volunteer program is a new initiative in response to  frequent request from highschool students for opportunities to complete volunteer hours.

The program will provide two monthly activities where students members from our parish can complete volunteer hours.

  1. Helping during our Fellowship Sundays from 8 am to 4 pm
    • Feb 19, 2023
    • Mar 19, 2023
    • April 16, 2023
    • May 21, 2023
  2. The third Thursday of the month from 3pm to 5 pm
    • Feb 23, 2023
    • Mar 23, 2023

During this time the students will help in activities such as moving tables, cleaning benches shredding paper, etc.


The pre-requisites for students to be able to participate in this program are:

  1. Complete a Volunteer Form/Package and submit to the Parish Office.
  2. Attend Sunday Mass.
  3. Complete Registration Form Below

If you would like to participate in the program please pick up a Youth Voulnteer Package at the Parish Office during Office Hours.