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Church From Outside
Building and Renovation Committee
This committee operates in an advisory capacity with the Pastor in matters concerning major repairs and renovations of the church and rectory facilities. A general knowledge of plumbing and carpentry is helpful.
Liturgical Decorations Committee
This ministry consists of a group of parishioners who work together with the pastoral team on matters concerning the planning of church decorations for the various liturgical seasons, celebrations and parish events.
Refugee Committee
Refugee Committee
Members of this committee meet on an ad hoc basis in response to requests for assistance from the Archdiocese. They are asked to help refugee families fleeing from their country to relocate in Canada and specifically in Brampton. Members’ time and talents are needed to raise funds, to find living accommodations, and to ensure that “our new families” have access to the necessities of life.
Respect for Life
Respect for Life Committee
As Christians we cherish the gift of life. St. Mary's Parish celebrates the gift of life every day in prayer, penance, adoration and the celebration of Mass. Our Respect for Life group meets bi-monthly to pray, reflect and discuss our Catholic faith. As a Christian community we participate in “Life Chain”, 40 Days for Life, and March for Life. We respect Our Father’s gift in all capacities as vessels of The Holy Spirit. St. Mary's Respect for Life group meets on the second and fourth Mondays of each month. Please join us.
Sharelife Committee
A Sharelife committee is a volunteer group of parishioners and clergy that work on behalf of the parish to assist the Pastor in delivering a positive and effective Sharelife campaign. Reporting to the Pastor, they meet 3 to 4 times during each year to ensure the campaign materials are ordered and used effectively. They arrange for guest speakers from various agencies to speak about the good work and many charities supported by Sharelife.
Social Committee
Social Committee
This committee is open to everyone. Women and men are needed to assist the Parish in bringing a sense of fellowship to our parishioners. Activities include, “Fellowship Sunday”, Annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner, receptions and special luncheons. Dishwasher is provided!
Volunteer Screening Committee
This committee is open to all parishioners. Members are required to review and process applications of “new volunteers”; to maintain records and to ensure information is current and in compliance with the criteria and protocols established by the Archdiocese. Training is provided, computer skills are needed. Time commitment is 5 - 10 hours a month and is flexible with your schedule.