First Mass

Liturgical MInistries

Altar Servers in Training
Altar Servers
The altar servers assist at Liturgical celebrations. Their efficient and reverent service enables the celebrant to attend to his role while the liturgical actions unfold with calm, order and appropriate decorum. Altar servers consist of young boys and girls, men and women who are baptized members of the Catholic church and have received the Sacrament of First Communion. This ministry is a wonderful opportunity to develop leadership skills and self confidence from an early stage in life. Parents and children are encouraged to serve together. Training is provided and regular schedules are distributed.
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are parishioners who practice their faith in a exemplary manner and are commissioned by the pastor to serve. They share their faith in special ways by assisting in the distribution of Holy communion at each mass. The reception of the Eucharist brings us into the light and love of Christ. Training and regular workshops are provided for on-going support and formation.
This ministry assists members of the Liturgical assembly with the preparation of the sanctuary, the altar and the sacred vessels before the Liturgy and their care afterwards. The ministers care for the various items used in the Liturgy such as the cross, candles, incense, holy water and other items needed for the day’s Liturgy. Training is required and service is on a weekly rotation basis. Participants in this ministry are called by the pastor.
This ministry serves the liturgical assembly by proclaiming sacred scriptures during the Liturgy of the Word which enables the parish community to hear the Word of God clearly and receive it more readily. This ministry is open to all parishioners beginning with students in grade 9. The Liturgy of the Word of God is the time during mass in which we reflect on how God speaks to us through sacred scriptures. Education and regular workshops are part of the support and training process.
Music & Choirs
Music has a great importance in the celebrations of the church. Members of this ministry empower and encourage the voices of St. Mary’s parish community by sharing their vocal, instrumental and leadership talents in worship at any of the six Sunday masses and at funerals. Music ministers humbly strive for the full and active participation of the people of God. Singing and music add to our Liturgical celebrations. The choir ministry is open to everyone.