Eucharist Window

Corpus Christi

Posted : Jun-06-2021

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

Today’s feast of “Corpus Christi” is an opportunity for us all to develop a deeper
appreciation for the gift that is the Eucharist.

Every Catholic Church holds a treasure inside it – it holds God. The Ark of the
Covenant in the Old Testament symbolized the presence of God in the midst of His
people. But in the Tabernacles of our churches we have God Himself present
for us to come and visit Him – to adore Him and hear Him speak to our hearts and

On this feast day of Corpus Christi I encourage you to implement two things in your
life (as much as possible);

1. Every time you pass by a catholic church remember to bless yourself, because
you are passing by the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings in the Tabernacle
of that church you are passing by. If you have children, encourage them to
also do the same thing – you might even say an ‘Our Father’ if you are
together as a family passing by the church.

2. Try to come into the church for private prayer, so that in the silence of the
church you can come before your Lord and God and ‘Adore’ Him who created
you and will, please God, call you to Himself one day. Visit for a few minutes
as many days as you can and watch how your life with change. You will find
yourself more at peace and able to deal with the stresses and difficulties of
your life. You can trust me, for it has happened to me and all those who also
take time to ‘ADORE’ the Lord in the Tabernacles of our Catholic Churches.
We have a treasure not made by human hands, and I pray that we all can get
closer to this ‘hidden treasure’ which is Christ our Lord.

Fr. Liborio