Fr. Liborio  in Procession

Follower of Christ

Posted : Jan-31-2021

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

In Sunday’s Gospel we hear of the calling of the first disciples at the sea of Galilee.
While working as fishermen, Jesus encounters James and John mending their nets
with their father Zebedee and calls them to a radical shift in their lives. Jesus does
the same when he encounters Peter and his brother Andrew (also fishermen).
How easy it would have been for these four men to politely refuse the invitation of
Jesus to follow him – if they did refuse then theirs would be the life without the
Cross of Christ.
All of us must also decide if we are to follow Christ – and if we decide we need to
further ask ourselves, to what level will we follow? To follow Christ is to have both
our feet on the path of Christ – we do not compromise in any way and walk with
one foot in Christ and the other in the world. This is not what Christ demands of us
– no, He demands all of us.
I encourage you to discern in prayer this week on how you are living out your life as
a ‘follower of Christ’. Are you committed 100% to follow Christ and take up your
cross that He will give you? Do be afraid to ask these hard questions and answer
them with truthfulness before God. If you need to be more committed to the path of
the Cross of Christ, then ask our Blessed Mother and all the Saints to help you do
so, for the Saints are examples to us of those who have taken the call to follow
Christ and lived it fully.

Fr. Liborio