Engraved back of wooden altar chair

Living The Good News

Posted : Feb-14-2021

Dear brothers and sisters Christ,
Many times in our lives we are given wonderful news – the birth of a child, getting a
raise at work, a healthy report from a doctor, etc. These moments of ‘good news’
bring about a desire in the human soul to let others know of our good fortune.
In Sundays Gospel Jesus heals a man with Leprosy. For this man, his life is totally
altered – he is now living ‘good news’. It is fully understandable that he would want
to share it with the world. And yet as Jesus was “sternly warning him” not to share
this ‘good news’ with others, but only with the priests, the man who was healed
“went out and began to proclaim it freely, and to spread the word…” Why was
Jesus stopping this man from letting people know of good fortune? Clearly Jesus
wanted people to come to him not for the miracles he could perform, but for the
‘Good News’ he came to bring.
Let us search for this “Good News” and in finding it, let us proclaim it to all the
corners of the world – starting with the neighbourhood we live in.

Fr. Liborio.

p.s. This Wednesday February 17th, we begin our Lenten journey. I encourage you
to take this next few days to discern what you will be ‘taking on’, or ‘removing’ from
your life so that this Lenten season can be filled with many graces and prepare you
for the great season of Easter.