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Ordinary Time

Posted : Jun-13-2021

Dear brothers and sisters Christ,

As we move into “Ordinary Time” once again, we do not
imply by the word “Ordinary” that it is still not the greatest
event of all time. Each time we celebrate the Eucharist on
the Lord’s Day we are celebrating the Passion, Death,
Resurrection and Ascension of our Lord.

Our Sunday Eucharist is anything but ordinary. The word
“Ordinary” signifies that we celebrate these next Sundays
outside of a specific designated season (i.e. Advent,
Christmas, Lent and Easter).

I wish you and your family a blessed and joyous 11th Sunday
in Ordinary Time. Remember to pray together and try to
remove all distractions that will take you away from
honouring the Lord. Remember that on Sundays we are
living out the Three Commandment of God – “keep the
Sabbath Day Holy.”

Fr. Liborio