Our Lenten Journey

Our Lenten Journey

Posted : Feb-26-2021

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

This past Wednesday we started our journey of Lent. We are given 40 days to
prepare ourselves for the great celebration and season of Easter.
The Church has wisely given us the three Pillar of Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving
to help us during our Lenten journey. I encourage you, if you have not yet done so, to
look at each of the three pillars and discern what you will do to fulfill each of the
pillars. What will you do to add “PRAYER” into your live, beyond the prayer you are
already implementing in your daily life? What will you add or subtract from your life as
a form of “FASTING?” And finally, what will you give to the poor as “ALMSGIVING,”
beyond what you already give. I hope that you will consider giving your Lenten
almsgiving to ShareLife, which is the main helping hand of our Archdiocese to the
thousands and thousands of brothers and sisters who require our help through out the

I pray that you will have a grace filled Lenten journey so that you can experience the
fullness of Easter in a new light of deeper faith and love of the Lord.

Fr. Liborio