Church From Outside

Our New Associate Pastor

Posted : Jul-04-2021

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

This weekend we welcome our new Associate Pastor,
Fr. Feliciano. I am sure that he will soon come to know
that this parish community is alive in its love for the Lord.
We indeed know that “God is good, all the time” and “all
the time, God is good”.

I invite you to welcome Fr. Feliciano as you have with all
our past Associate Pastors, and myself 12 years ago.
Also please pray for him since he needs to learn how to
live with me and that is indeed a challenge for anyone, I
am sure - just ask all my previous Associate Pastors.

Fr. Feliciano has been ministering in Montreal, so we
need to also “change” him to the white and blue of our
Maple Leafs – I am sure we can do it. Hahaha.

Fr. Liborio