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Preparing to vote reflection

Posted : Sep-12-2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

About two years ago we were in the midst of a Federal Election and I prepared some Pastor’s Corners that dealt with the issue of how Catholic’s should prepare themselves to vote wisely and prudently, with the Churches teachings as our helpmate in whom we are to vote for.

Please see page 6, 7 & 8 below, and you will find these Pastor’s Corners that I offered two years ago. I hope these words of mine help you discern how you are to vote this coming Monday, September 20th, 2021.


Fr. Liborio

p.s. Please remember to vote this coming Monday September 20th. Let us pray for each other that our discernment in faith may allow us to vote for the best candidate that will implement (as best as he/she can) the Will of Christ and thereby bring about all the more the
Kingdom of God 

Article One 

Article Two 

Article Three