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Relaxing Summer

Posted : Jul-11-2021

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

I have decided to give you a summer break from my
“Pastor’s Corner” – I have been doing this for a good
number of summers now.

It’s summer time, so enjoy the weather to the fullest.
Continue to be safe and well and remember that we can
find ‘Peace’ and ‘Relaxation’ anywhere. As long as we
are with loved ones and we are trying to ‘smell the roses’
around us then we can either be at a beachside, on a
seashore, lounging on a cruise ship, lounging in your
backyard, picnicking at Gage Park, sitting on your
balcony, or just lounging in your basement. Yes, as long
as we bring the ‘Prince of Peace’ with us to our summer
moments, then we can be assured of finding the ‘Peace’
and ‘Relaxation’ that summer can bring. With Jesus near
us, we can find in one form or another, a relaxing
summer vacation, near or far.

Happy summer to all,
Fr. Liborio